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Presstige Communications ® , San Diego, Ca 

Our Secret to Success is Our Commitment to You! 
We are the Leader in Publishing Up & Coming Music Artists, Fashion and  Entertainment. Specializing in Promotion, Brand Recognition & Social Media Management
Our Online Publications:
Urban Teen Magazine
ModelStyle Magazine
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Urban Teen Radio
ModelStyle Coaching & Training Workshops
ModelStyle Summer Modeling Camps
ModelStyle Modeling Competition
ModelStyle Designer Showcase
Urban Teen Expo
Presstige Social Media:
We help Fashion & Entertainment industry businesses & professionals build their business brand and increase online recognition and sales by providing  strategically targeted email marketing campaigns and uniquely tailored social media marketing & man​agement for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Accounts

“URBAN TEEN MAGAZINE Your Publication INSPIRES Teens & our World! Thank You 4 Finding & Following Me!” twitter.com|By Eva Cole

"This interview was Definitely  
 worth a 2nd, 3rd listen! Thanks to  
 @urbanteenmag for supporting 

"Thank you so so much for the
-Gabriella Holland

"Thank you very much for featuring
   me in your magazine!"
-Riley Moran

"Thank you so much for this 
  opportunity! I love the cover and 
  the inside spread!" 
  Thank you

"I am so excited thank you so much
  for selecting me for this issue of
-Rachel Rose
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